All About The Bread and Other Delicious Things

All About The Bread and Other Delicious Things

At All About The Bread, the comfortable and casual deli in the heart of Melrose Ave., the bread is delicious and fresh, but so are the many other homemade ingredients in the eatery’s sandwiches.

Manager Rafael Mendez describes his shop’s delicious approach to dining. “The first thing that is unique about our shop is the bread. It is a family recipe and we make it from scratch on site. We bake it fresh every twenty minutes, and we guarantee there’s always a fresh bun in the oven. We’re not like other shops baking a lot of bread at one time; we bake throughout the day,” he attests. “And our bread is vegan, with zero preservatives.” In short, the shop creates one stellar “staff of life” to craft their mouthwatering sandwiches.

Along with the house-made fresh bread, the shop also makes homemade Italian dressing for their sandwiches right on site. But the freshness doesn’t stop there.

A top seller for All About The Bread is The Godfather sandwich. “It is one of our most special menu items, with a combination of deli meats fresh cut every day. We also have our famous Chicago-style peppers that are shipped directly from Chicago. They’re a custom type of pepper that you cannot find anywhere else in Los Angeles,” he explains. The sandwich meats include spicy capocollo, mortadella, prosciutto di Parma, ham, and genoa salami, along with provolone cheese.

“For vegetarians, we have a burrata cheese sandwich with homemade pesto – which is also made fresh every day on the premises,” Mendez relates. “The sandwich includes fresh basil, sundried tomatoes, and on top we put roasted red peppers that are also baked here.”

“A lot of businesses buy peppers in cans because of the labor costs, but we take the time to bake them ourselves,” he notes. “We do just about everything on site that we can.”

The shop’s arguably most popular sandwich is their meatball. “It’s been mentioned in the Los Angeles Times and Thrilllist as a top sandwich, everyone loves it. The meatballs are made for us by a local butcher shop in Burbank. The Parmesan cheese we shred ourselves on a big wheel right here. We don’t have bagged cheeses,” he attests. “And the marinara sauce is homemade of course, from fresh ripe tomatoes, and spices. This is one of my favorites.”

Mendez says that the shop has been located on Melrose Ave. for six years, and he has loved every minute of it. “I love the diversity of Melrose. It’s truly an amazing experience seeing people from all over the world here, besides our local customers. We have people come in from studios and the music business, celebrities, people from all over. The atmosphere always makes you feel at home. We’re very friendly,” he laughs. “We love everyone, and people feel really good here.”

They also eat very well indeed.


All About The Bread
7111 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 930-8989


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