Deborah Brosseau

About Deborah Brosseau

Deborah Brosseau provides audience development services to arts & entertainment, lifestyle, and non-profit clients. She is a freelance writer, providing anything from local listicles to corporate profiles for various online publications. Having first experienced Melrose in the '80s, she enjoys writing about the old school creatives as well as the progressive new ones.

Manic Panic – Coloring The World, One Head At A Time

Melrose Avenue is home to the west coast headquarters of the internationally-revered Manic Panic. Since 1977, Manic Panic has been adding color and personality to the heads of the bold and the famous, and supporting the creative and fanciful on Melrose since 2012. Tish and Snooky are two sisters who, in the mid-1970s, were living […]

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Headline Records: D.I.Y. Depuis 1995

For people that remember Melrose Avenue in the 1980s and 1990s, Headline Records is a capture of that time when mohawked punkers with spiked wristbands were the in-crowd. For those that don’t remember, the shop is easily the best place in Los Angeles to find punk, garage, ska, and hardcore music and gear. But everyone […]

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Generation 8 Tattoo: Ink Individuality

Southern California is world-recognized for tattoo art and innovation. Melrose Avenue has been at the center of that attention for decades as the place for boundary-pushing, quality work. Generation 8 Tattoo continues the tradition as the place to celebrate ink individuality and piercing creativity (See store on this site). Dave Hatton broke ground on his […]

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