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About Deborah Brosseau

Deborah Brosseau provides audience development services to arts & entertainment, lifestyle, and non-profit clients. She is a freelance writer, providing anything from local listicles to corporate profiles for various online publications. Having first experienced Melrose in the '80s, she enjoys writing about the old school creatives as well as the progressive new ones.

Father’s Day: The Most Excellent Gifts on Melrose

Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day. We know parents can be impossible to shop for, which is why Melrose is such a great destination for gift giving – we have something unique and appropriate for the coolest of dads. ACE OF FADES Men in general don’t always make time for pampering. And they totally deserve […]

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Nail Art On Melrose: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Nailed

Clothing, murals, graffiti, barber shops, tattoos…Melrose is the place to go if you’re looking for artistic expression. Add nail art to the list. A growing trend on the socials, people are using every part of themselves as canvas for art and nails, though small, can display some amazing talent. There’s some serious work coming out […]

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Best Tattoos Inked On Melrose This Month

Let us make shopping around for your next (or first) tattoo really easy. First, some of the best artists on the planet are stationed right here on Melrose Avenue. Second, the shops are all clean, comfortable, and safe; you really then just have to meet your artistic match. So finally, we’ve found some of the […]

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