About Genie Davis

GENIE DAVIS is a multi-published novelist and journalist, and produced screen and television writer living in Los Angeles. Her novels range from suspense to romance, mystery, and literary fiction, with titles including mystery thriller Marathon, the noir Gun to the Head, and the romantic suspense of Executive Impulse, Between the Sheets and Animal Attraction. In film, her screen work also spans a variety of genres from supernatural thriller to romantic drama, family, teen, and comedy, has written on staff for ABC-TV’s Port Charles; written, produced, and directed reality programming and wrote and co-produced the independent film, Losing Hope. As a journalist, you can see her work in many publications including her own diversionsLA.com.

Cutting It Cool: Hair and Nail Salons on Melrose Ave.

It’s a beautiful life and to look your most beautiful in it, hair and nail salons along Melrose Ave. each offer their own special way to keep you stylin’ just in time for the holidays. HAIR The Girl Cave Both a beauty bar and a fashion boutique, The Girl Cave is a one-stop-shop for beauty […]

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Holiday Host and Hostess Gifts, Melrose Style

Received a special invitation from family or friends for the holidays? Well, you won’t want to arrive empty handed. With a wide variety of shops that offer the perfect guest gift items right on Melrose Ave., you’ll be sure to find something unique and charming. Puzzle Zoo Everyone likes a good game as a gift. […]

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Staying Fit For The Holiday Season On Melrose

It’s not easy staying fit for the holiday season. From sweets and treats to egg nog and family meals, there are as many diet-busters as there are stocking stuffers. But with a wide range of fitness centers on Melrose Ave., getting and staying in shape is getting a little bit easier. Burn Babe For the […]

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Seasonal Treats on Melrose

Fall is the season for sweets and drinks to tempt and delight, and on Melrose Ave. there are no shortage of either pleasure. La Chouquette At the charming Viennese bakery, La Chouquette, owner Elodie Darmon says there are a variety of fall treats on the menu. “We have an éclair with walnuts, honey, and pumpkin […]

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Paris Funk

With over 25 years of experience handcrafting jewelry, Paris Funk owner Nancy – she prefers not to use her last name – has been creating unique jewelry for celebrities, rappers, and professionals alike. Her goal is to shape pieces that will be worn and treasured by her clients for years to come. Regulars and first […]

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Halloween Haunts on Melrose Ave.

Looking for a special “haunt” on Halloween? Witches, goblins, and ghouls: look no further than Melrose Ave. Here are some top contenders for a real spooky treat – no tricks involved. The Darkroom This Saturday, October 27th through Halloween night, The Darkroom is the place to be with costume contests, spooky music, and, of course, […]

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Lucifer’s Pizza: A Slice of Heavenly Flavor

Some like it hot, and some not – and either way, the selection of pizza meals, sauce spice levels, and crust options are sure to please any diner at Lucifer’s Pizza. Founded by chef and owner Adam Borich in 2012, the Melrose location of this excitingly innovative pizza spot (it has a sister location in […]

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E.A.K Ramen: It’s All About More than the Noodles

At E.A.K. Ramen, the noodles are the centerpiece, but the succulent broth and a choice of meat-centric and healthy vegetarian ingredients are certainly crowd pleasers too. Along with ekei-style ramen, gyoza, and other appetizers, there’s a full cocktail menu, buns, and desserts, too. But still – it all starts with the noodle. The cozy restaurant […]

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Umeda on Melrose: Perfection in Flavor and Design

Umeda just opened on Melrose Ave. in March, but it’s already a buzzy spot, sleek and modern, offering an awe-inspiring selection of perfectly presented and richly flavorful Japanese cuisine. Chef Takuya Umeda may be known for his prowess at sushi creations, but he shapes a wide range of other stellar dishes from his open kitchen […]

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