Blinkbar: Blink and You Won’t Miss It

Blinkbar: Blink and You Won’t Miss It

Beautiful lashes are a luxury, but one that’s easy-to-get one at the sleek Blinkbar. Clients rave about the full but natural look of these long-lasting lashes, as well as the cool pink and white interior of the salon that’s perfect for Melrose Ave. And the salon offers comfortable massage beds to relax on while “lashing up.”

The phrase, “Say it with your eyes,” written in pink neon on an interior wall more or less says it all—this trendy spot lets clients do just that, using European-based application techniques that are as healthy as they are lovely. These lash enhancements won’t hurt natural lashes, and the salon adheres to the highest in health standards according to the salon’s lash specialists.

Perhaps most importantly, Blinkbar is all about the lashes. Lashes aren’t just a salon add-on being offered here, lashes are what the business is all about, creating and maintaining them. Lash looks designed at Blinkbar last 2 to 4 weeks before a fill. A return visit up to 30 days after the initial lash make-over is recommended to keep lashes looking lush, according to the salon’s staff.

Established in 2014, Blinkbar now has two locations, the one on Melrose and one in Santa Monica. The salon’s certified beauticians specialize in customized lash extensions, with ten different looks available.

So how does it work? The process is simple: clients select a style, and a lash material such as Synthetic Mink, Silk/Mink blend, or Blinkbar’s ultimate lash bling—the ultra-luxe 100% Siberian Mink.

Style choices are varied. The Coquette is less than a half-set of lashes for the outer edges of the eye, and results in a natural, fairly understated yet compelling lash look. The Boho style is designed to create an illusion of wider eyes, and is cut shorter at the corners and longer in the middle of the eyes. The Temptress is just that, a lush cat-eye style that’s shorter at the inner corners but flares out on the ends for a glamorous look. The Vixen offers a variety of different lash lengths for an especially dimensional lash supplement that’s super sexy.

A range of lash colors are offered too, from rich black to Ombre Lashes which are the most black at the base of the eye with just a hint of color at the tip. And those colored tips can be maroon, sapphire, amethyst, or emerald. There are other lash options, too. For example, the Matte Lashes look is seductive but simple, designed to enhance natural lash beauty; while Russian Volume lashes are built upon request during a 2.5 hour appointment time. This careful technique allows multiple, light lash extensions to be placed with each individual lash for a rich, layered look that appears as natural as it is striking. A Volume Booster—an extra lash application—can also be added to any lash selection.

How do these lashes stay in place? The salon uses a surgical-grade lash adhesive, which salon technicians say should be kept dry for 24-48 hours. But, upgrading to Active LashTM eliminates the need to keep lashes dry or away from oil-containing products for any time at all.

While Blinkbar is definitely all about the lashes, the salon also offers additional services for clients such as brow shaping and LED facial therapy to enhance natural collagen and elastin production. There’s even eyelash-extension-friendly make-up services, so clients can be ready for a night on the town, or at the Oscars.

So don’t even blink, just head to Blinkbar to raise the “bar” on lash beauty.

Blink Bar is located at 7314 Melrose Ave.

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