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Sizing Vintage is nothing like modern clothing that has lots of stretch. Vintage has no stretch. Do either of these tips for getting your vintage size. 1. You can get a measuring tape and measure your waist, rise, hips, and inseam. 2. Get…

Eden Sky, is an exciting “one stop shop” destination that delivers the most sought after coveted celebrity and designer inspired styles. We always aim to express our individuality and entice our customers to be different through our…

Essex is a one-of-a-kind Melrose Ave. shop, featuring graphic T’s, sexy dresses, unusual jewelry, and band shirts.

Popular footwear and clothing brands are available at the Flashback shop. We are a boutique that specializes in vintage sports, pop culture, and 90’s wrestling apparel. We carry Jordans, Yeezy, A Bathing Ape, Supreme, etc.

Since 1998, flasher Melrose has been specializing in cutting edge styles in casual streetwear and designer threads for events and performances. We carry everything from the hottest new designers out of NY and la (scooter Laforge, Rik Villa, ), to…

Fashionable women’s clothing and accessories.

For The Stars Fashion House has been established in Los Angeles, California in 1986 by Jacob, the creative director. Our Fashion House gathers thousands of hand made, uniqhe and one of a kind designs created by our 11 in-house designers. Over the…

Great selection of stylish women’s and men’s clothing.

From Away Shopping & Retail Email for Inquiries // Appointments 7322 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA

Stylish men clothing brand.

HANDLE CON CARE 🤲🏽✨ Shopping & Retail Handmade and Designer Garments , Accessories, Shoes and Art! Min-Sun 12pm-5pm Call or Dm to make an appointment @handleconcare

Heat Exchange Melrose Heat that keep’s you going 🔥 BUY/ SELL/ TRADE ♻️ Open Everyday from 11-7 P.M 💥 FB:

Established in 2008 ikon became the place for young Los Angeles skaters, rappers and artists to hang out influencing their surrounding culture. ikon works with Chris Brown, Xavier Wulf & Lil Yachty and many more to create the most influencial…

The look of this boutique reflects its stock of colorful, designer streetwear for men & women.

Trendy women’s clothing.