Chantell: Stylish and Affordable Business Attire

Chantell: Stylish and Affordable Business Attire

With racks of chic but highly affordable dresses, tops, skirts, and cardigans, Chantell offers sleek business attire for women that wows with classic style. Owner Ashley Chung has operated Chantell for 20 years.

“The support of our repeat customers is what has kept us going so long,” she reports. “What enhances our reputation is the way in which we cater to customers, both through the products we offer and the customer service we’re known for.”


Chung is available to consult with shoppers most days at her 1200-square-foot shop. “I get to know my customers, it’s more like a family interaction,” she explains. “I know what they’ve bought before, or if they are new to the store, I find out what their needs are, and I address that. This kind of information helps me to assist them with finding the kinds of items that will work best for them.”

One of the ways in which Chantell stands out among the wide array of retail stores on Melrose Ave. is the fact that her shop features styles that are designed to wear to work, and offer simple, yet highly fashionable, looks. “Many stores are known for trendy, going-out styles. We tend to focus on clothing that our customers can comfortably wear to the office as part of their daily routine,” Chung attests.


Among her top selling items are versatile, office-friendly dresses. “The dresses are usually sleeved, and not too short, and are designed from rayon or polyester material that doesn’t wrinkle easily. These are dresses that hold up over the course of the day and stay attractive,” she notes.

Her cardigan sweaters are another top seller at the shop. Taking the place of more formal business jackets, they can easily be paired with and worn over a dress. “The style we have right now is the kimono look. These are very popular, unstructured, and look good on many different women, regardless of height or sizing.”

Chantell was Chung’s first store, and she was inspired to start it on an impulse to fill a niche, providing attractive business attire for women without breaking the bank. The aesthetic of the store is classic, and along with clothing, includes accessory items such as belts and necklaces, all geared toward work-day fashion.  Chung is well known for having a good eye for fashion trends, both as a buyer and a shop owner. She prides herself on offering sound advice about what items best suit a customer based on body shape and height.


Chung has opened a second store, directly across the street on Melrose, Paper Doll. “Paper Doll features more every-day wear fashions and dressy, going-out style clothing,” she explains. “Chantell stays focused on business attire that works for women in many different walks of life.”

The store’s long-lasting and wide appeal Chung attributes to her long experience in retail. “If a customer can explain what they need, I’m very good at helping them find specifically what they want. I’m good at picking out items for them, and offering personalized service to help then purchase what works for a comfortable and appealing business wardrobe,” she asserts.

Need stylish business attire? Then Chantell is the place to shop.

Chantell is located at 7309 Melrose Ave.

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