Coffee For Sasquatch Makes A Big Footprint on Melrose Avenue’s Coffee Scene

Coffee For Sasquatch Makes A Big Footprint on Melrose Avenue’s Coffee Scene

There’s a new coffee venue on Melrose Ave. – the hip and tasty Coffee for Sasquatch. Stepping into the Melrose scene just a year ago, the shop has a “Bigfoot” theme and a big profile when it comes to coffee pleasure.

Coffee for Sasquatch uses Ritual Coffee Roasters beans for its coffee drinks, and also offers a selection of teas and locally-made pastries. But, probably the most unique aspect of the beautiful, bright shop is the staff-curated, rotating selection of beverages you just won’t find anywhere else. Hibiscus iced tea poured over McConnell’s vanilla ice cream creates a unique beverage known as the Tea-Gato; a turmeric latte rich with anti-inflammatory turmeric is creamy and satisfying; a beautiful, technicolor rainbow Iced Cryptid Latte is iPhone ready and as flavorful as it is visually lush.

Here too are more traditional, yet artistically crafted coffee treats such as a mocha, cold brew, Matcha green tea, and pour overs. The Dona Chai brand chai latte is silky smooth.

And yet there’s more. There are seasonal drinks such as a lavender vanilla latte sprinkled with fragrant seeds of lavender. You’ll also find a perfectly balanced Arnold Palmer, beautifully patterned cappuccinos, and sweet Cubanos, which for the uninitiated are created from an espresso shot sweetened with Demerara sugar and whipped, making a coffee that’s slightly frothy and utterly irresistible. The summery strawberry lime, mint apricot, and blackberry lemonade hand-made sodas offer terrific alternatives to coffees and tea, too.

Then there are the accompanying pastries, cakes, and donuts. Elegantly and alluringly displayed in glass cases, the shop features croissants, quiches, and more from the French La Tropezienne bakery along with gorgeous vegan and gluten-free cakes from Insatiable More. A lovely granola avoids all the cloying elements of over-sweetened processed granola. And the donuts come from the nearby Fonuts which offers many vegan and gluten-free options.

The coffee shop features spare, stylish wooden furniture in white and light wood, some created specifically for the shop, other pieces imported from Stockholm. Light-colored marble counters, and a large-scale, sleek cutout image of Sasquatch himself, add to the appeal of the shop. A refreshing rim of greenery lines the ceiling and a full wall of greens surrounds the Sasquatch art. Hand-crafted vases perch on shelves and tables, each holding an exotic bloom or two.

The attractive, minimalist, light-filled space, and the inventive coffee menu are the realized dream of owner Claire Ackad who made her first foray into coffee with the shop, and has a background in public relations and marketing. That marketing savvy comes into play with both the easily Instagrammable look of the venue, its cool logo, and even with the shop’s adorable T-shirt, hat, and canvas bag fashion accents, she knows how to spread the word.

Ackad also knows what she wants when it comes to coffee: the San Francisco-based Ritual Coffee is female-owned, something important to her. The state-of-the-art La Marzocco Strada espresso machine is another perfectly-curated touch.

Ackad is as accommodating to her coffee-loving patrons as she is committed to top-quality coffee and sweets, offering a wide variety of dairy milk alternatives including oat milk, almond milk, and soy.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your feet, big or small, to Coffee for Sasquatch.

Coffee for Sasquatch
7020 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 424-7980

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