Cold Rolled Ice Cream Company is Beyond Cool on Melrose Ave.

Cold Rolled Ice Cream Company is Beyond Cool on Melrose Ave.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And who doesn’t love ice cream offered in a fresh, innovative style in a seemingly endless variety of possible flavor combinations?

If you wish you could find exactly that, Cold Rolled Ice Cream Company offers delicious and cutting-edge ice cream treats that you just can’t find anywhere else.

According to Tim Hinds, co-owner of Cold Rolled, “The genesis of the business was born out of the owners’ love of ice cream – both new flavors and traditional standards. And after searching the globe for the latest in ice cream trends, we decided to open a new rolled ice cream concept shop along iconic Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, close to our homes.”

Why Melrose? “We love Melrose Avenue and specifically the cool, modern, funk and rock vibe you get when you are there, like nowhere else in the world,” Hinds says. “The location is fantastic and we have been fortunate to have such great response from both our local customers and those that travel to Los Angeles looking for something new and different.”

Hinds explains that the concept is based on Thai rolled ice cream, a made-to-order process that allows unique creations and combinations. Each order is customized to a customer’s personal preference, prepared on a chilled to -15F stainless-steel plate. Formed before the customers’ eyes, the process of creating the ice cream has plenty of showmanship – think Benihana-chef-style, only for ice cream. It’s an experience to order ice cream here, and see it created, customized to your taste, and personalized by staff that are rightfully called Cold Rolled Ice Cream Artists. That’s not hyperbole – the process of creating the cool creamy treat is beautiful to see as well as offering a delicious result.

“We make all our cold rolled ice cream Premium Creations, House Favorites, and Special Summer Flavors like Orange Creamsicle from an all-organic ice cream base, and specially selected ingredients that you can’t get anywhere else,” Hinds attests. “We also offer our rolled ice cream using non-dairy base with a choice of almond or coconut milk.”

Hinds says the shop’s most popular combinations currently are, “our Strawberry Cheesecake Premium Creation and Oreos & Cream House Favorite. They are consistently our best sellers every week.”

While unique flavor combo requests are somewhat expected at Cold Rolled, Hinds says his most unusual request was a customer’s order after her visit to the local cannabis dispensary. “She ordered a Build Your Own Cold Rolled Ice Cream that included over 20 toppings – needless to say we needed more than one cup to properly serve that one up,” he laughs.

Hinds is particularly excited about the company’s ability to continually innovate and offer new flavors. He cites, “our special Summer Flavor Orange Creamsicle and our new Fall Flavors, including Caramel Apple Pie” as his roll-outs currently or in the near future. On a larger scale, he’s interested in expanding the Cold Rolled concept, but says “We are loyal to our Melrose customers who have made us so successful and are currently strategizing our next steps.”

He adds “We’ve been open a year in August, and the business has just kind of taken on a life of its own. For example, writing customers’ names on the ice cream in delicious flavored drizzle. It just started organically with our staff. We have exceptional people who created it, and who continue to offer the specialized, customized experience that is talked about on social media all the time.”

With over 20 ice cream base flavors to choose from that can be combined or mixed with 50 topping choices – including rotating seasonal ingredients, Hinds stresses, “If we have the ingredients, we can make anything you want. If you come in and you want butterscotch, coconut, chocolate chip ice cream, then absolutely. If we have it, we can make it.”

Delicious, cutting-edge, and delightfully interactive – that’s Cold Rolled Ice Cream. So cool, where else would it be but on Melrose Ave.?

Cold Rolled Ice Cream Company
7266 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 452-0881

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