Agora Temple


The Agora Temple consists of a fellowship of conscious seekers bringing about a revolutionary and transformative way of thinking about and implementing the use of alternative healing practices to achieve, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Our members believe in a hands-on, inward approach to healing through the utilization of several varying mindfulness practices including prayer, meditation, reiki, sound healing, yoga, discussion, community engagement, spiritual consultation and other alternatives to traditional medicine. Love, compassion and oneness are the guiding principles of these programs.

Change occurs when values and actions are aligned. This is why it is our purpose is to serve our local communities through spiritual guidance, charitable outreach programs and creating and hosting wellness-focused activities and initiatives.

The central requirement for membership is a desire to consciously seek connection to a “higher Power” and spiritual existence. There are no obligatory “dues” or “fees” for membership and, as such, Agora is self-supporting through our own contributions.