Bachi Yaki Japanese


Our story begins in 2001 when a bear, named Bachi, was born in Tokyo, Japan. He was surrounded by the best food, art and culture, but he didn’t know who he was in this world. So, Bachi did what every Gen Z does, he traveled the world searching for himself.  As he explored country after country, Bachi’s colors changed, different styles fit different cultures. He felt like a chameleon.

It wasn’t until 2019 when he landed in Los Angeles, that he felt like he truly found himself. He wasn’t a chameleon — He was a bear with a dream! Bachi fell in love with city and dreamt of bringing a taste of his home, Japan, to the streets of Los Angeles. And there’s no better way to bring a culture to life than food. Food is flavor, culture and connection. Thus, Bachi Yaki was born.


LA’s favorite food truck! Delicious dishes & great customer service! They have chicken, steak, shrimp, fried rice, vegetables, burritos & more! ALL FIRE! Open for Lunch & Dinner!