Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant

Patricia and Alan began their Better Than Sex journey after a road trip from Miami to Key West. After spotting the restaurant, the couple knew Better Than Sex had to be a stop on their travels. Even at other Key West restaurants, they learned about Better Than Sex.

“The server asked us if we wanted dessert and I told her that we were planning to go to Better Than Sex,” Patricia said. “She raved about it and told us we HAD to try the Fever dessert, not even trying to sell their desserts to make us stay.”

The experience lived up to their high expectations.

“I fell in love with everything about Better Than Sex, and decided it was my favorite place in the world,” Patricia said. “Everything about it was totally my scene as if it came out of my dreams and into real life.”

On the drive back to Miami, she discovered franchising opportunities on the restaurant’s website. After being in accounting for over 15 years, Patricia was ready for a change, so she filled out the application when she returned to Los Angeles and the rest is history.