Denim Heaven Co

Vintage is nothing like modern clothing that has lots of stretch. Vintage has no stretch.

Do either of these tips for getting your vintage size.

1. You can get a measuring tape and measure your waist, rise, hips, and inseam.

2. Get a jean or short and lay it flat on a table and measure it. Make sure that it is a jean or short that is not stretchy.

3. If you do not do any of the above methods, just go 1-2 sizes up from your normal size to get your vintage size. So if your regularly a W25, we recommend you choose a W26-W27.

*On our FAQ page, we have an example of how to size your own short or jean if you choose to measure in that way.

Slim, Tapered, or Straight?

As we have said before, vintage styles are not the same as modern styles. In respect to jeans, they are completely different.  Vintage is not stretchy at all so there are no vintage skinny jeans. The three types we offer are listed below, along with a description.

*SLIM: The closest thing we offer to skinny jeans is our slim fitting jeans, they have a smaller opening because we have tailored it to be more slimming and closed

*TAPERED: For those of you who never liked skinny jeans or have a bigger calf, this is perfect for you. They are neither slim, nor a straight bottom, this is what we call a Moms’ Jean.

*STRAIGHT: For those that want the classic vintage Levi’s jean, look no further than this style. unfortunately, this style only comes in the 501 Button-up style. But once you feel this jean on you, you’ll see why it’s so great. The bottom is open that you can fit any boot or shoe underneath it.

*We will in every description box for each product let you know which of the three the jean your looking at is, so look out for it! *