E.A.K Ramen (EAK)

E.A.K. Ramen aka Machida Shoten in Japan, started back in 2008 in Machida City, Japan.

This was our first shop to fulfill our goal to spread the IEKEI style of ramen to the world. Our purpose was to be a shop that is loved by everyone, but especially locals. We wanted to provide the best possible ramen, service and atmosphere to our neighbors. With this in mind, we started our mission to spread IEKEI to the world.

Currently, we operate throughout Japan, Asia and parts of Europe.
After capturing a major part of Japan, we decided the time was right to cross over the Pacific and enter the US market. Up until now, the US has been introduced to a limited amount of ramen styles. Some stores did try to recreate the IEKEI style, but since it is so distinct, fell short. We felt that this did not do IEKEI justice and needed to be properly represented.