Happy Ice Melrose


Our company specializes in creating happy memories. We are family owned and operated, therefore we aim to make every client feel like family. Our energy is always high, to ensure that your smiles are always big. All of our Happy ice flavors are dairy free, fat free, vegan friendly. So we also make your stomach happy too. ” Spreading the peace, love & happiness with Happy Ice”.


Established in 2017.

We started started this family owned business because we wanted to create happy moments in Los Angeles. In Philadelphia Italian ice is a major part of our culture. We have a special recipe that sets us apart from all Italian ices you’ve ever had. In Philadelphia our Italian ice stands create fun memories. So much laughter and fun conversation while eating such a refreshing treat. We really wanted to bring that good energy to this city. To add to the already lovely vibes that Los Angeles provides. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to meeting new friends all the time. Check @Happyice for daily location and time changes