Heirloom Pizzeria

Family Owned and Operated

When the pandemic started, we spent a lot of time cooking in our little studio apartment with a makeshift kitchen in the San Fernando Valley. Osher is a chef and Zoey is a home cook. Both passionate about food and the experiences that come with it.

One day Osher suggested we try making pizza. With no baking experience and only an electric toaster oven, the first pizza was created. After many tries and failures we almost gave up. Zoey decided to take the last couple of dough balls to her parents’ house instead of throwing them away. It would be the first time they tried cooking the pizza in a real oven.

When the pizza came out – round and browned on the edges – Osher’s eyes lit up. From that moment we knew we needed to perfect the recipe and share it with the world.

Eight months of rigorous self educating (and obsessing) later, we came up with a recipe we were proud of. We got a bunch of credit cards and maxed them out to make Heirloom Pizzeria, our dream – a reality.

We are excited to share our pizza with the Los Angeles and the World.