High Seas Tattoo

We specialize in the boldest, cleanest, brightest American traditional style of tattooing. With thousands of designs to choose from, you can always find something here to suit your needs. If you have a custom design, such as fine line, japanese, tribal, or celtic ect.. Our freindly, professional staff here is well rounded and can turn any of your ideas to reality. Walk-ins are always welcomed. No appointments necessary.


Established in 2014.

World renown traveling tattooer Shon Lindauer, has been around the American Traditional Tattoo industry since 1999. While gaining much insight with a discerning eye throughout the years, in 2009 Shon starting tattooing professionally in the most prestigious tattoo shops around the nation and world. Some of the major cities are not limited to San Francisco, Manhattan, Honolulu, San Diego, Seoul-Korea, Tokyo-Japan, Amsterdam, Paris-France, Cape Town-South Africa, Bogota-Colombia, Milan-Italy, and the list goes on and on. With an undoubtably understanding of what a great tattoo shop should be like, Shon went to open three successful tattoo shops in Honolulu-Hawaii, Manhattan-New York, and now in Hollywood-California. High Seas Tattoo Parlor is one of Shon’s most proudest accomplishments, and you can see it through the shops custom build outs, hand painted signs, and flash that line up every wall. Come in and experience something unique unlike any other shop out there!

Meet the Business Owner