Lala's Argentine Grill

About us

One of the first questions we hear is “where did the name LALA’s come from?” Lala is Horacio’s Mom’s name so when you join us, you join family! Here is a bit about us… come share in the passion!

LALA’s origins can be traced to 1988 when future owners Horacio Weschler Ferrari and Mario Balul moved to the United States. Both came to California with a commitment to their Argentinian culture, a profound appreciation for the United States, and a desire to create something that fused the best of both worlds. With Horacio’s extensive restaurant background and Mario’s architectural history, they were an unbeatable team destined to create an unbelievable dining experience. By 1995, Horacio and Mario conceptualized their future restaurant and set to work to bring their vision to Los Angeles. This vision combined their nostalgic memories of Argentinian dining savored in an unhurried and uniquely social fashion. They based their philosophy on the idea of fantastic foods at reasonable prices in an appealing, comfortably elegant setting. In April of 1996, LALA’s Melrose opened its doors! In 2000, the LALA’s team opened their second location in Studio City. In 2018, they opened LALA’s Downtown. And in 2020, they opened LALA’s West…a predominately delivery and takeout location in West LA. True to their Argentinian roots, excellent dining for these guys is inextricably linked with socializing, pleasure, and with life itself. Like a fabulous vacation spot, LALA’s will leave you with a feeling of wanting to return…soon! And that includes bringing LALA’s into your home!

LALA’s most distinctive offering is, of course, its food! The Argentine reputation for a love of eating is at the heart of LALA’s. But what is Argentine food? Simply put, Argentine cuisine is a cultural blending of Mediterranean influences and homemade traditions. To an Argentine, homemade food is a way of showing affection. Asado, the Argentine barbecue, genuinely matches their national identity. The menu is imaginatively balanced with traditional Argentinian favorites and the best of California cuisine. Perhaps most important to the discriminating connoisseur of Argentinian food, is the high quality selection of meats offered at LALA’s. This is a point of great pride to Horacio and Mario, who insist upon only the highest grade of meat available. LALA’s serves USDA choice and CAB Angus steaks, simply and perfectly grilled in a traditional Argentine style, all without the prices of expensive steakhouses. Along with the extensive steak menu, you will find fabulous pasta dishes and the best fresh seafood… all perfectly prepared. Our menu, just like Argentina, has something for everyone… carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians. All with an Argentine flair!

We can’t wait to see you here at LALA’S and welcome you as part of our family!Lala’s_119