Nata Fox Hair


Nataliia is an owner of the salon and hair extensions school located in West Hollywood. Her services include: – Hot fusion extensions – Cold beads extensions – Tape-in – Micro keratin capsules – De Braids – Classic Braids – De Dreads – ECO STYLE NataFoxHair is the only salon that offers unique ECO STYLE that will change the entire game of the beauty world! This is the safest method of getting the hair of your dreams! No instruments are needed to set the capsules – no damage to your natural hair. The capsules used for attaching the extensions are even smaller than micro keratin capsules which makes them perfectly comfortable and absolutely unnoticeable. Besides that they are stronger than any other capsules and it allows a customer to get even thicker locks and mix different colors and shades in one lock. Eco Style lasts longer than any other types of hair extensions and looks even more fabulous! You definitely must try it out and feel the difference!


Established in 2018.

Nataliia is a hair extensions specialist who has been working in the beauty industry for over 18 years. She has earned numerous awards and the title of the Champion of Ukraine and the Champion of the World in the International Hairstylists Contest, ranked first among contestants from 26 countries. Nataliia has always had love for kind hair and is passionate about creating luxurious voluminous hairstyles using non-damaging hair techniques. After relocating from Ukraine to the US, Nataliia realized that her product and hair techniques are needed here and would be in high demand. She created her own hair brand NataFoxHair that provides high quality Slavic (Russian) hair that are known to be the best in the world. She participated in Las Vegas Beauty Expo and got superb feedback on the quality of the hair she was presenting. Her hair brand has a wide range of products for every taste and demand. Affordable color treated hair and luxurious virgin non-treated hair will satisfy any taste.