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Our Story:

Thank you for shopping at our online store! OASIS on Melrose hopes to bring you fun, fashionable, unique, trendy, flattering clothing and an unforgettable experiences.
We are a growing company that hopes to meet your shopping needs. Since we are a boutique, we sell many one of a kind items and our stock is limited. Our goal is to make sure you have those great pieces that you won’t see on everyone else and in the malls.
We are a family run business based in Los Angeles.

Customer service is very important to us and we are happy to suit your needs. We try to stay on top of emails, calls and website inquiries. We aim to please! We appreciate your suggestions and we are constantly growing and evolving.


Group yoga class from teacher Waldemar Sirko.

Waldemmar believes that yoga is a great journey and that is why he is a health and yoga educator who specializes in creating wellness programs that are tailored to the individual goals and needs of each person.

With the help of the Jai Yoga Arts community, he has provided 200 hours of comprehensive training in asanas, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, and teaching principles. He continued to practice yoga under the guidance of Yogi Hari at his Ashram in Miramar, Florida. Under his tutelage, she spent 500 combined hours of Ashtanga and Sampurna Yoga.

Our main goal is to create a community based on health, love for ourselves and others.