Players Lounge Barbershop

A step up above the rest. The Players Lounge Barbershop is a curator of barbering, design, and style in the men’s grooming market. The players lounge barbershop is bringing back that old school feel that will have you looking and feeling RIGHT!

The Players Lounge Barbershop LA prides itself on its old school vibe with a modern day twist. At The Players lounge you can relax and get away from the real world. With old school shop talk, sports debates, celebrities, or just life. Everyone is treated like family. Refreshments available for your pleasure as well.

Each barber brings their own creative energy in every service they provide. With this experienced, diverse group of barbers, you’ll be sure to get the style of your choice, from a classic cut to the hottest trends.

WHY DO WE CONSIDER @playersloungebarbershop_la THE BEST BARBERSHOP AROUND??? It’s because these so called BARBERS these days want to be a CELEBRITY rather than focusing on being a BARBER and while these BARBERS are too busy chasing the CELEBRITY, we here at the @playersloungebarbershop_la are too busy trying to make the everyday person look and feel like a CELEBRITY!!!! Not to mention the pure talent each Barber has when it comes to a haircut. We take PRIDE in our haircuts and make sure each client knows that. Along with the awesome atmosphere of the old school vibe with a modern twist, tons of laughs and making you feel like your somewhere where you can get away and feel like family, it’s a win, win. WE ARE FOR THE PEOPLE!!! But don’t just trust us and let us tell you that, ASK SOMEONE who has been to THE PLAYERS LOUNGE BARBERSHOP & let us know what they say!!!

The Players Lounge Barbershops currently has a Barbershop located on the world famous Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.