Sugar Taco

We have partnered up with companies like 8 Billion Trees and Food For Life Global. Sales off our menus plant thousands of trees each month and provide plant-based meals to hungry children around the world, and 100% of the proceeds of our Dog Menu go to a different animal welfare charity each month. We have joined up with companies like Imperfect Produce, Food Cycle LA and Epic Renewal to make sure we are walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

Every decision, every piece of equipment and décor, and every item on our menu has been chosen on purpose, and each of these choices has been made taking into consideration the impact it has on the environment, animal welfare and our health. All of our takeaway and delivery orders are minimally packaged with no utensils or napkins and no separate condiment packaging is used. All our takeaway packages are biodegradable except for the hot/cold cups which are compostable. The in-house serve ware is all reusable and was bought second hand, along with most of the décor in our restaurant. We encourage all drinks to be bought with our reusable glasses which are labeled with, “Together we can save our oceans. Say adios to plastic with Sugar Taco”. These glasses are free with the purchase of a large drink and can be brought back in for a discounted beverage.