Training Loft

With a combined 30 years of training clients, founders Wayne and Stephen — who greet every guest at the Loft to this day — opened the first Training Loft in 2012. They sought to create a private, safe, & comfortable environment for busy professionals and parents seeking to reprioritize their health and happiness. Today’s flagship location in West Hollywood’s eclectic Melrose neighborhood is a warm and inviting, intimate space with top-notch equipment, a passionate team, & a proven track-record of producing remarkable results. We treat our members like family while ensuring everyone who comes through our doors feels dramatically better by the time they leave.


Raise your hand if you have a crazy schedule. A demanding job. Kids to raise. And everything in between. It’s nearly impossible to make time for yourself (and your health) as you juggle it all. What if we told you it takes just 30 minutes to melt fat, build muscle, shed insecurities, & skyrocket your self-confidence? Our proven approach makes you happier, healthier, & stronger — without wasting a second of your time.

Transform your body and your mind with personalized 30-minute workouts that work, guided by experienced trainers in an intimate atmosphere.