Ubatuba Acai

The seed was planted ten years ago in Brazil. There was nothing better than sitting for a meal at my Grandmother’s kitchen table in Ubatuba, a small beach town located in the São Paulo state of Brazil. The experience was legendary, everyone felt surrounded by the love and care that went into preparing the extraordinarily delicious food. Late each night after dinner my Vovo loved to eat acai, even though due to a lung condition she was not supposed to eat cold foods. She would ask using a sly tone and explain to us that at 90, what is better than eating delicious food. “It is cold grandma!”. “But it is healthy”, she would say.

In 2014, Ubatuba Acai was born from an idea of recreating this same special feeling of comfort and love while sharing with the U.S. an authentic and delicious food from Brazil.

By now many people know that the Açaí berry is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet with a unique combination of protein, healthy oils, fiber, and antioxidants. Most people don’t know how important acai has become in protecting and preserving the Brazilian Amazon as the vast forest faces ever increasing pressure. Acai cultivation provides income for countless families living in the Amazon river basin and a sustainable alternative to the destructive practices of clear cutting, cattle grazing, and mining.

That original seed has grown into a new Ubatuba Acai family, now spread over 10 locations in the greater Los Angeles area. We thank you profoundly for your support. We love preparing each bowl of Acai and appreciate very much every time you choose to visit us.

7751 Melrose Ave.