Fantasy Lighting: Indulge Your Lighting Dreams

Fantasy Lighting: Indulge Your Lighting Dreams

At Fantasy Lighting, shoppers can indulge the glow of their lighting dreams. Custom lamps and shades along with vintage lighting and furnishings are the signature pieces in this stunning store on Melrose Ave.

According to owner Mark Trabulus, the shop has been around in “one form or another for fifty years. I’ve owned it now for fifteen years.”

The store’s longevity is due in part to its unique inventory, as well as superior customer service.

“We’re a one-of-a-kind store,” Trabulus reports. “Most of the pieces are simply things you wouldn’t find in a typical lighting store. We do a lot of lampshades, including custom lamp shades for the movies and for hotels, as well as for individuals.”

The shop carries every kind of lighting imaginable, from table and floor lamps to ceiling lamps and chandeliers.

“We also do lighting repair of all different kinds of incandescent lighting and rewiring of all kinds,” Trabulus notes.

Because of the unusual nature of its inventory and its longevity, the shop draws a steady flow of customers who swear by the beautiful lighting they can purchase there.

“I’d have to say the vibe of the store is just relaxed and easy going. Everybody who comes in says they just love the store. We have great stuff, it’s not like a typical show room, either. We have vintage furniture, paintings, and mirrors here that are also for sale along with the lighting,” Trabulus reports.

Clientele come from all over Los Angeles, and even travel internationally to check out the magical-looking selection of lighting that the shop offers. “Interior designers, film decorators, as well as neighborhood customers – they all enjoy coming here,” he adds.

Some customers are looking for specific items, such as a chandelier to fit a particular room or set, while others are browsing, looking for something that catches their eye. “It’s unique lighting, not like anything else anywhere,” Trabulus explains. “That’s what people want when they come here, no matter what type of lighting they are specifically looking to buy. We have interior designers, decorators who do things for the Emmys and other major special events, and they all work with us on what they need for specific green rooms, hotels, and films.” Savvy viewers may see Fantasy Lighting items turn up on an upcoming Ray Donovan episode on television, or in soon-to-be-released summer films.

Trabulus orders his lighting through a wide range of suppliers, and also makes some items in the shop. “We make a selection of items locally, including ceramics, and lighting that involves making the lamp out of something else. We have people bringing in vases, jars, or bottles, and we can make lamps out of all of those items, out of all kinds of objects.”

The parade of unusual lighting that Fantasy Lighting carries will continue apace for the spring and summer seasons. One new direction: The shop will be adding more items that are made in-house over the course of the summer, Trabulus adds.

So turn on the light and let it shine at Fantasy Lighting, located at:

7126 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 933-7244

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