Get Old Fashioned at the Melrose Umbrella Co.

Get Old Fashioned at the Melrose Umbrella Co.

Melrose Umbrella white old fashionThere are bars and there are drink experiences. Melrose Umbrella Co. is the latter.

You may think that the incredibly appropriate name comes from the street you’ll find it on, however Melrose Umbrella Co. Is named for former Lord Mayor of England, James Melrose. The logo is a silhouette of a photo of him and if you search around the bar/restaurant, you can find the original portrait of Melrose looking dapper with his ever-present umbrella cane.MELROSE UMBRELLA 5

His fantastic and stylish lifestyle was the inspiration for the easy classic feel of Melrose Umbrella Co. and the dozens of umbrellas that adorn the walls transport you to a delightful English pub, reminding you that you won’t be getting just another cocktail. Melrose Umbrella Co. specializes in serving classic craft cocktails with a new twist. My favorite drink for years has been the Old Fashioned. When I found out that the craftsmen, not just bartenders, had found a way to reinvent the wheel, I got excited.

MELROSE UMBRELLA 2Meet the “White Old Fashioned.” Substitute bourbon for tequila and switch your orange zest with grapefruit rind and you’re almost there (for the rest of the recipe, you’ll have to pay them a visit). I must admit I was skeptical about tampering with perfection, but after one sip I was sold. Not too sweet, not too bitter and with a beautiful whiff of grapefruit with every drink…I may have a new favorite.

When I questioned the drink craftsman about the powerful grapefruit scent without a syrupy finish, I was informed that they rub each specialty cocktailMELROSE UMBRELLA glass with the featured fruit. This gives you a lasting sensory experience that continues after you leave. Every time my hands passed my face I was reminded of my delicious drink and the care and thought that was put into it. So much so that I brought my boyfriend back the next night to share the experience with low lit candles in one of the quiet little pockets of the inside seating space that is perfect for a date night.

MELROSE UMBRELLA 4If you’re looking to travel through time back to the prohibition era, visit Melrose Umbrella Co. With drinks and staff that go above and beyond, you won’t be disappointed.


For more information and reservations, visit them online:
FB: melroseumbrellacompany IG: @melroseumbrellaco
Melrose Umbrella Co, 7465 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA