Getting Your New Year’s Resolution To Stick With Help From Melrose Avenue

Getting Your New Year’s Resolution To Stick With Help From Melrose Avenue

Happy New Year! If you’re like 1/3 of Americans, you went into 2017 with a promise (or more) to make your life better in the upcoming months. If you’re like more than half of those people, by June you’ll have forgotten all about those promises.

The fine businesses on Melrose have your back in keeping you on track to have a happy, successful, healthy, and thoroughly enjoyable New Year. Here are some suggestions if one of your resolutions is simply to keep your resolutions!


No matter where you’re starting in your fitness journey, Melrose is gonna make you sweat. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, build endurance, or just feel better in your skin, there are classes and programs for all levels. Feel your most powerful self in the ring at TIGER BOXING GYM (708 Gardner Street, Stay on your toes with combo moves and ever-changing routines at DON-A-MATRIX TRAINING (7704 Melrose Avenue, and THE PHOENIX EFFECT (7264 Melrose Avenue, Get toned and lean at CLAUDIA MARTIN PILATES (7603 Melrose Avenue,


Just like there’s no one right way to feel fit, there’s no one right diet. But adding more fresh and natural foods will consequently give your bod some much-needed nutritional value. Start your day with a vibrant breakfast at BLU JAM CAFÉ (7371 Melrose Avenue, An easy, delicious option is ordering up a juice at BEEFSTEAK (7661 Melrose Avenue, or GLOW BIO (7473 Melrose, Pick up healthy snacks, especially good for nutrition on-the-run at NATUREWELL2 (7261 Melrose Avenue, Enjoy the many ways seasonal fruits and veggies are served up at M CAFÉ (7119 Melrose Avenue,


We all need to smile and laugh more this year. Melrose has so many ways to play and be entertained, we’ve got this one totally covered for you. Laugh your butt off with the sketch and improv comedy geniuses at the legendary GROUNDLINGS (7307 Melrose, and with local stand-up greats at SAL’S VIENNA CAFÉ (7356 Melrose, Buy some toys and games for at-home fun at PUZZLE ZOO (7551 Melrose, or play arcade-style at SANDBOX (7174 Melrose, Get your smartest (or most expendable) friends together for an escape room challenge at 60Out (7270 Melrose,


Lacking any sense of chill? Are you a bundle of nerves? Taking time to slow down and decompress is a worthwhile resolution. Mind-body-spirit become one with vinyasa flow yoga sessions at JAI YOGA (7600 Melrose, When it’s not housing exceptional theatre productions, you can experience mindful music meditations on Mondays at 7p and Wednesdays at 11a at MATRIX THEATRE (7657 Melrose, Get direction, materials, lessons, and healing sessions for all kinds of grounding practices at HOUSE OF INTUITION (7449 Melrose, Need a quick fix? How ‘bout a soothing mani-pedi or massage at YOUR SPA (7260 Melrose).


For almost fifty years, Melrose has been home to some of the most creative people in the world.  There are plenty of ways you can share your inner talent–your special self–with the rest of us. Unleash your inner rock god or singer-songwriter with music lessons at HOLLYWOOD ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND ARTS (7469 Melrose, Got a podcast living inside you? Record your show at GARDEN OF SOUND (7600 Melrose, and get it on the air! Become a thespian at ANTHONY MEINDL’S ACTOR WORKSHOP (7801 Melrose, Submit to one of the unique art shows at NEW PROFANITY (7418 Melrose,, or proudly wear some locally-made messages from the store.

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