Going Stag

Going Stag

Melrose Ave.’s chic and airy Stag Hair is a small but sleek and always fun salon known as a great spot to try a new style or revitalize an old one. Owner and stylist, Lauren Bailey-Chaidez, says she loves creating textured cuts and timeless styles. She’s also a songwriter and guitarist for the band The Heflin Fox, and the rock n’ roll coolness of the salon – without being overwhelming – speaks to that past-time as well as her passion for hair.

With antlers, a nifty 60s-style sun-shaped clock, and woven artwork on the walls, the salon creates a lively, hip ambiance from the moment a client walks in. And once they do, they can relax on retro vinyl seats, and listen to musical selections from Bowie and the Beatles to current local acts. It’s the perfect soundtrack to accompany the cuts, color, and styling, making “going stag” a thoroughly enjoyable experience in hair care. Check out the fun retro genre paperbacks while waiting for your rinse, or enjoy complimentary beverages such as coffee, water, or a classic PBR in a can. The front desk area, replete with shelves of products and flea-market finds, resembles an old-fashioned apothecary’s. And there’s nothing pretentious about the desk service: check in, relax, and get ready for a pre-cut consultation.

Nine stylists helm the chairs in this salon which has just celebrated its 6th year on the avenue. The shop offers vibrant hair colors and an array of Davines hair care products. Davines was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983, and offers salon-exclusive products that combine natural ingredients with cutting-edge, eco-friendly cosmetic technology. Among the unique Davines products that Stag Hair offers is Flamboyage, a process that uses adhesive strips instead of foil to create stellar fine highlights, melding both bright and saturated color tones. The salon also carries Evo products, also known for their environmental responsibility and sustainable beauty products. Yes, you can go green here, and not just in terms of a hair color choice.

Stag Hair’s services include balayage, too (a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect) along with a variety of cuts, single process colors, highlights, toning, and bleaching. With reasonable pricing to support the shop’s cozy, friendly vibe, the intent is to offer cuts that are tailor-made to fit each customer’s unique look. Who can help but love a salon whose Facebook page offers the pun “high quality services and treatments while saving a ‘buck’ or two?”

Along with a plethora of cut and color options, the salon has hair treatments on their menu — spa-like services that focus on tasks such as rebalancing oily hair and scalp, detoxifying stressed hair, and assisting with hair loss. A Purifying treatment works to eliminate dandruff, while a Calming technique helps to alleviate sensitive scalp issues. Customers rave about the deliciously long and fragrant shampoos, too.

Open every day but Monday, the combination of eco-friendly hair products, stylish but moderately priced cuts for both men and women, and a great range of coloring options – yes, you can have perfect lavender hair, or just those simple blonde highlights that boost brown to profound – Stag Hair will leave few customers going it alone when it comes to hair style creation.

Stag Hair Parlor is located at 7223 Melrose Ave.

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