Healthy and Fresh: Naturewell2

Healthy and Fresh: Naturewell2

Naturewell2 organic juice bar on Melrose Ave. is one of four juice and poke shops owned by Tony Zablah, who started in Silver Lake ten years ago and has been on Melrose Ave. four successful years.

“Being on Melrose is a good thing for the shop, especially last year and this year, it’s getting busier and busier with a lot of walk-ins who want fresh, organic juice and food,” Zablah says. And once people walk in the door, they come back for more, according to Zablah. After all, the menu offers a wide range of juices, delicious smoothies, and acai bowls. Custom made juice combinations, smoothies such as a healthy Coconut Kale and the sweet but good-for-you organic Vegan Chocolate Smoothie are a good part of the reason Zablah sees plenty of repeat business.

Zablah’s juice combinations are especially popular, and are both delicious and healthy. “Our G-Immunity is the most popular because it really helps people stay well,” he asserts. The drink is made with broccoli, carrots, celery, tangy ginger, kale, parsley, apple, and lemon. Another tasty juice combo is the Healthy Heart, which includes apple, blueberries, celery, grapes, spinach and strawberries.

On the smoothie side of the menu, Zablah’s popular Coconut Kale Smoothie features coconut meat, coconut water, banana, kale, cinnamon and agave. Another top seller for the sleek and airy juice shop is Tony’s Special, which features coconut meat and coconut water with almonds, bananas, dates, hemp protein and maca granola. “It has been our most popular seller for two years – it’s like lunch, or breakfast,” he laughs. “We also do well with our Kombucha. We have all the flavors, and I would say the bottled strawberry, raspberry, and chia is a favorite.”

Some juice bar regulars swear by the juice shots on the menu: especially the Face Melter Shot, a zingy blend of lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, and oil of oregano. Healthy wheat grass and coconut kefir shots are also available. And, the store offers beautifully arranged acai bowls, with strawberries, banana, granola and blueberries.

The fact that everything in the store is organic is one of this small chain’s carrying cards. Another: the addition of an attractive, well-stocked poke bar. “We have one now in each of my four locations, I’ve fit them in. I would say that our guests’ favorite is the baby organic kale bowl with yellowtail and salmon, with house sauce on top.” The house sauce is a savory blend of mayonnaise with ginger, lemon, and Sriracha.

Zablah says customers have embraced the addition of the poke bar along with his ample selection of juices. “The poke makes an interesting combination with the juice. They’re both very healthy, so they go well together.”

Overall, Zablah sums up the shops’ appeal as based on the fresh, high quality, organic ingredients and products that taste as good as they are healthy. “People love our juices and smoothies, and now our poke, too,” he smiles.

Naturewell2 is located at 7261 Melrose Ave.

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