If You Give a Dog a Bone, Make it OrangeBone

If You Give a Dog a Bone, Make it OrangeBone

OrangeBone is a delightful and modern shop catering to man’s best friend. The Melrose Avenue dog grooming salon and boutique shop always makes their customers feel at home, according to assistant manager Laura Peduto.

“We are open and friendly, and we always make customers feel comfortable when they come in with their dogs. It’s really a store for their dogs,” she says.

OrangeBone offers everything from dog food to couture pup attire, toys, treats, accessories, shampoos, and other grooming products.

“We like to carry five star brands, but we also make sure to offer a lot of affordable items. Many of our products are locally created, too,” Peduto notes.

When it comes to clothing, among the more popular items are a riff on Adidas sweaters that read Adidogs instead, Pedudo attests. “We also have cute little dresses for female dogs and jerseys for the boy dogs, just a huge variety of different clothing that you simply won’t find anywhere else.” In terms of food and treats, Origin brand is a top seller. And when it comes to toys, fluff toys that feature fun, trendy shapes are the most sought-after. “Little Louis Vuitton bags, wine bottles, donuts, beer cans – shapes that represent human items, those are all a lot of fun for people to buy.”

But grooming is the biggest attraction at this attractive, airy store and salon.

“We offer two different packages, a basic and a deluxe. The difference is that the deluxe has a haircut included. Both provide nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, washes, and brush-outs, as well as sanitary cuts around the eyes and buttocks. The deluxe package additionally offers a hair-cut style of your choice.”

In short, your pooch can be just as fashion-forward as you are.

Pampered pets and their owners come to OrangeBone from the local Melrose neighborhood and throughout Los Angeles.

“We have many regulars, but people from all over the area are drawn by our unique clothing and food, and by how open and friendly the shop is. Our groomers work right in plain sight. We get a lot of stories about how dogs have been abused behind the scenes in other facilities, and we are incredibly open, welcoming, and trustworthy. People feel very comfortable knowing their dog is right in plain sight. The groomers are very personable, too, you get to know them personally, and you can see the groomers working on the dogs right here,” Peduto relates.

While the store has been around since 2005, current owner Ankur Patel is growing and expanding the business, focusing on the grooming aspect of OrangeBone’s services. There are now five groomers working at the salon, with more growth planned.

“We’re looking to open a doggie day care within the next year,” Peduto says. “We’re hoping to get the shop next door for this expansion, and doing day care there. That way people will have a fun, safe place to leave their pets during the day.”
OrangeBone is located at 7574 Melrose Ave.

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