Introducing La Chouquette – Ooh LA La La

Introducing La Chouquette –  Ooh LA La La

Scheduled to open on Melrose in under two weeks, La Chouquette is a mouth watering new bakery concept from husband and wife partners Dan and Elodie Darmon.

The Parisian pair work side by side: Dan is the chef, Elodie runs the marketing and front-of-the-house.


“We have 34 recipes right now,” Elodie Darmon explains. “Every week, the recipes will change. Our main product will be eclairs, with five to eight different flavors a day.”


These flavors will include traditional ones such as chocolate, or more unusual ones, like passion fruit, to new approaches, geared for their American diners such as cheesecake and apple pie with cinnamon, according to Darmon.


“We are going to reinvent eclairs, creating a new generation of eclairs with a large variety of tastes,” she asserts.


Along with the signature eclairs, the bakery will offer plain and chocolate croissants, a chouquette—a small choux pastry sprinkled with pearl sugar and filled with fresh whipped cream—chocolate-covered pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and other pastries and sweets. And, La Chouquette will also serve fresh-made sandwiches that sound mouth-watering in their own right. “The sandwich breads will be made from the same dough as the eclairs. We’ll have such choices as salmon with avocado and cucumber, turkey with cheese and argula, tuna, vegetable, and Feta sandwiches to start,” she notes.


And the treats and sandwiches will also be gluten free, with the exception of the croissants. “You cannot tell the difference between gluten and gluten free with our products. Everything will be super good and super fresh, a real French product,” Darmon attests.


Gluten Free Chouquettes

While the bakery is primarily a take-away spot, the shop will have four tables in front, which Darmon describes as “like a little café.”

The shop will also sell iced tea, detox juice, and espresso, as well as Dammann Freres tea, once known as the “king’s tea” in France. Served and enjoyed since 1692, it promises to be a new sensory experience for most Americans.



“It has been around forever for a reason, it is really delicious,” Darmon says.

The couple decided to start the bakery because Dan Darmon loves food and is “passionate about sweets,” his wife says.

Taught by French chefs, he wanted to share his expertise and offer a true taste of France to the City of Angels.


“When we arrived in Los Angeles three years ago, we toured every district, downtown, Culver City, Beverly Hills. But when we saw this area of Melrose Ave., we recognized it as being like a little village. We loved that. We can walk, and people in the neighborhood can walk here, and get a croissant or pastry in the morning. We recognize ourselves here,” Darmon says.

Doubtlessly, soon, all of Melrose Ave. will recognize these bakers and their delicious treats.


“We make everything fresh, and we make everything with love. We use French products; our butter is French, for example, and everything is organic that we use.” Darmon wants diners to know “We want to offer a new product. Even if you know what an eclair is, this is a new eclair.”


La Couquette is located at 7350C Melrose Ave.
Phone: (424) 362-4380


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