Mega Fun at MegaCity One

Mega Fun at MegaCity One

MegaCity One is the perfect spot for comic book and graphic novel fans to buy both popular and obscure favorites, and offers events for game enthusiasts, too. Located on Melrose for a near-historic thirty years, store owner John Goddard curates a wide selection of comic books, board games, collectibles, and even in-store Magic tournaments.

According to sales associate Nolan Pugh, the store’s most popular items are graphic novels, Magic the Gathering cards, and naturally, comic books. “People primarily ask for the standard DC and Marvel comics, but our customers are also excited about some of the more unique items we carry,” he says. “People often ask for the graphic novels of Dave Baker, in part because he’s a local artist.” Among Baker’s books is the suburban home-invasion story Suicide Forest, a cinematic tale penned with Nicole Goux.

The store’s collectible figures are also sought after, such as sealed and boxed Deadpool characters. Posters and T-shirts are also available.

“Pretty much everything we have, people seem to want,” Pugh asserts. “In terms of comic books, besides current issues, we do have a large back issue selection of vintage comics. The most valuable on display is DC Comics’ Strange Adventures Number 205 which features the first appearance of Deadman.”

The popular store is frequented by “people from all walks of life, average people, celebrities — they all come in on a daily basis,” he says, “And all of them love comics and graphic novels. Being on Melrose is really good for foot traffic, and we’re located right across the street from The Dark Room and Floyd’s, so people are always stopping in.”

The store’s name is taken from the large fictional city-state named in the Judge Dredd comic book series and its spinoff, and is associated with the urban sprawl of New York City. But the store is right at home in LA, where it’s known not only for its encompassing collections, but also for helpful and friendly sales staff. And of course, the store is renowned for its Magic Modern Masters events, which draw players of all ages. The shop hosts Magic events four days a week, in an easy-going atmosphere that’s welcoming for players at all levels. Magic itself boasts some twenty million trading card game players, and while they don’t all show up at Mega City One, the store’s game events and new card releases bring in a community of skilled and casual Magic players.

At the store, the games are not only fun, the top third of all participants win prizes, and promotional items are distributed at the end of the evening. Release and pre-release parties are also part of the dynamic, making Mega City One not just a store, but a true hot spot when for comic books and games.

“What I want people to know about us is that we offer the best deals in comics and games in all of Los Angeles,” Pugh says. “And our customers really enjoy coming in.”


7301 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 934-3373

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