Melrose Mac: Computer Savvy

Melrose Mac: Computer Savvy

Located on Melrose Ave. since 2002, MelroseMAC is renowned as one of the area’s best spots to buy, repair, or upgrade Apple products and find high tech media and storage resources.

“We’re one of Apple’s premiere partners,” vice president of sales and service Reza Safai relates. “That’s the highest tier level for an Apple reseller.”

Safai describes the store as “an end-to-end solution provider. We have the personnel, knowledge, and products to be a one-stop-shop for Mac owners and buyers.”


The store is, he says, more of an “experience center” than simply a retail store. Offering a wide variety of products directed at the media and entertainment industry, MelroseMAC can also provide customers with everything from a cell phone case to complex storage systems.

“Our focus has grown over the years. When someone walks into our store they’ll see all of the latest Apple products, as well as items specific for media creation and a plethora of storage solutions,” he explains.


Safai has been with the company seven and a half years. Founders Sandy and Stan Nasseri brought Safai on board to lead its service organization. He began his career with Apple assisting in the opening of a “multitude of Apple stores. I was there for Apple’s first store, in Glendale.”

Safai employs that same expertise today, keeping Melrose Mac cutting edge in service and style.

“There is simply nothing our customers can need that we don’t stock, or that we can’t get when it comes to IT,” Safai says. “Customers can come to us to purchase Apple products and we can also provide extensive resources for media creation needs,” he explains.


In fact, the shop specializes in technology for media creation, carrying products such as AVID, Gtech, Edit Chair, Quantum, AJA, Black Magic and other brands used both for entertainment industry production and creative home use.

MelroseMAC also features what Safai calls a “store within a store,” selling Bang and Olufson products like high end audio headphones and speakers for the ultimate in sound transmission.

“Customers can walk in and experience all Bang and Olufson products,” Safai asserts.


When it comes to Apple products, the store carries everything from lifestyle items such iPods, Apple TV, iPads, ColorWatch and Apple watches to computers. And while Apple computers may be the product line that many customers are looking for at MelroseMAC, the store also carries Windows and Chromebook items.

The inclusive shop also has a wide range of creative tools, from Go Pro cameras to second generation design tool, Cintiq Companion. And along with the Apple, Adobe, and Avid media products available here, customers will find top of the line premium storage systems like WD, Promise, and G Technology brands to preserve the work they create.


Besides carrying a stellar selection of products, what MelroseMAC is most known for is its customer service. The shop offers repair services for Mac and IOS, and even provides repair loaners. Maybe best of all, MelroseMAC can step in when technology itself fails. The shop’s Apple-certified technicians have a whopping 92% success rate on data recoveries. Their “BusinessCritical” option allows customers to get computers back in as little as two days if necessary.

“We offer very personalized service for our customers. We know the big difference between us and other stores is our service. We keep items in stock that other stores wouldn’t, we hire very intelligent and skilled staff members to assist our customers, and we train our staff members constantly on new product offerings,” Safai says.


The sleek store aesthetic, great service, and large product selection are the signatures of MelroseMAC.

“We understand the number of different avenues customers have to purchase technology, and we would love a shot at being their provider. From our service to repair of Apple machines to purchasing accessories, from end to end, we can handle every need,” Safai smiles.

Melrose Mac is located at 6614 Melrose Ave.

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