Melrose Music – Here’s Your Spring Spotify Playlist

Melrose Music – Here’s Your Spring Spotify Playlist

Melrose Avenue is recognized all over the world as a creative hub: an eclectic, arty district filled with cutting-edge and colorful personalities and businesses. That legacy is based on decades of denizens willing to push boundaries. There’s always been a soundtrack to the street, from the first wave of punk to West coast hip hop and all the hair and glam Hollywood could handle.

We asked some of the current shop owners to help us create a playlist that reflects the vibe that first attracted them to Melrose Avenue. So for your listening pleasure, here is the debut Melrose Music Spotify playlist!

  1. A. WOMAN : Billy Idol
    One of our city’s greatest theme songs, handled righteously by a former Melrose shopper who wore the dark and fierce clothing from Retail Slut about as well as anyone.


  1. LIVE WIRE : Motley Crue
    Metal bands AND punk rockers shared a wardrobe aesthetic back in the day: leather, spikes, big hair. Stores like Poseur, then, and Forgotten Saints, now, bring stage to the street.
  1. REBEL GIRL : Bikini Kill
    Natasha, New Profanity : “Melrose has always had a kick ass vibe because it celebrates individuality. The song ‘Rebel Girl’ describes both the artists we represent in the store as well as the customers who shop here.”
  1. NO WAY : Adolescents
    John, Headline Records : “Classic punk songs, classic Los Angeles punk band. What do you expect from a punk store?!”


  1. TO LIVE & DIE IN L.A. : 2Pac
    Daniel and Michael, Dunkees : “It’s all about LA and how great it is! That’s the music we listened to growing up.”


  1. BUTTONS : The Pussycat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg
    Two great L.A.-bred acts sound great together! Snoop has supported many of the businesses opening on Melrose, and PCD’s founder Robin Antin has opened a dance studio, Playground LA, with Kenny Wormald at 7375 Melrose.


  1. PHYSICAL : Olivia Newton-John
    Surprised? This is the kind of diversity Melrose is all about. In 1983, ONJ opened Koala Blue at 7366, selling cute things from her homeland, Australia.


  1. THIS TOWN : The Go-Gos
    One of the most important female bands in music was born in LA and shopped on Melrose to capture its colorful, fem-punk style. Remember the retro kitsch of Cow-Poo? Or thrifting at Flip?


  1. FROM HER TO ETERNITY: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    In 1984, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds played a garage off Melrose for a promo shoot. More recently, Mr. Cave was seen shopping at Monster-a-GoGo for delightful spooky and kitschy scare wear.


    Another selection from John at Headline Records. Black Flag is so important in the first wave of west coast punk and to hardcore in general, it’s no wonder you’ll see the band’s logo in shops from one end of Melrose to the other.

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Thanks to the contributors:

Natasha at New Profanity, 7418 Melrose Avenue,
John at Headline Records, 7706 Melrose Avenue,
Daniel and Michael at Dunkees, 7325 Melrose Avenue,


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