Onsomeshit: BMX Bikers’ Paradise

Onsomeshit: BMX Bikers’ Paradise

Onsomeshit is a BMX biker’s dream come true. A relatively new arrival on Melrose Ave – open at this location just two months –this BMX-specific bike shop is hip and fun. It’s already become a destination to explore, as well as to shop at, on the avenue. The shop sells BMX-influenced streetwear, as well as bikes from Fit, Cult & Kink, plus biking gear and accessories.

The shop is co-owned by Alfredo Mancuso and Adam 22.

According to manager Chris Long, “We offer complete bikes, frames, parts and accessories. We also sell clothing, such as our own Onsomeshit brand and No Jumper clothing. The No Jumper brand has a pretty popular podcast that we do that’s associated with it.”

He notes that there is always something going on in the store. “We have a lot of our pro BMX riders here all the time, hanging out and promoting the shop, and talking with our customers.”

The store’s Onsomeshit brand clothing includes sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, and more. “The most popular item we sell would be our T-shirts. We have a lot of different styles that are unique for the season. Many come and go, and are limited-brand runs. People know that they’ll go quickly, so they buy them quickly too. They do very well for us,” Long attests. The shop also makes some of their own clothing, including tees.

Among the most popular bikes at the shop is the Fit Brandon Begin. “That’s a signature bike for Begin. It’s very popular – he’s a team rider for us, and spends a lot of time here hanging out at the shop as well.”

The bike is unique in that Begin wanted a strong yet affordable frame with a more traditional geometry and taller stand-over than existing Fit frames. Begin describes the popular model as a “stripped down modern street frame that rides great and is super solid.”

But the store’s popularity is really not all about their clothing, or even the bikes and bike gear that fill the shelves. “It’s definitely a fun, positive place with lots of activities going on. Lots of kids come in and hang out in the shop, lots of people come in just to have a good time around here,” Long says.

The store’s No Jumper podcast is produced live in a studio in the back of the store, and like the shop itself, encompasses more than just the biking scene.

“There’s no regular schedule to it, but when we produce the podcast we include special guests such as rap musicians,” Long notes.

Prior to its recent move to Melrose, Onsomeshit was located in downtown Los Angeles. Many of the shops’ regular DTLA customers followed when it moved, but according to Long, their Melrose Ave. neighbors now frequent the store even more regularly.

“We’ve really grown a lot just being here on Melrose Ave.,” Long explains. “People come in from the neighborhood and just enjoy hanging out. Lots of cool people, lots of cool shops in the area means that people just see us and come here, they know we’re here.”

Check out the hip retail scene at 7669 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles

7669 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(213) 265-7522


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