Paris Funk

Paris Funk

With over 25 years of experience handcrafting jewelry, Paris Funk owner Nancy – she prefers not to use her last name – has been creating unique jewelry for celebrities, rappers, and professionals alike. Her goal is to shape pieces that will be worn and treasured by her clients for years to come. Regulars and first timers alike are drawn to the unusual and edgy forms, and the stunning designs.

“I’ve been located on Melrose Ave. for all of the twenty-five years I’ve been in business,” she reports. “I have my own regular clients who support me and my business; they are musicians, actors and actresses, professional people, just regular people. I make all kinds of jewelry for all kinds of people, both men and women.”

While some people stop in her shop just to see what she’s created, many others specifically seek her out to create custom designs as well as unique, pre-made pieces that she has available in the shop.

“My best-selling items are really anything that’s silver, whether it’s silver necklaces, rings, bracelets. Whatever kind of jewelry it is, silver is what people buy from me,” she attests.

She adds that her work is fairly evenly divided between people simply seeking special jewelry and requested designs from “a lot of famous people,” she laughs.

“What people really like about my jewelry is that it is all pretty much one of a kind. I don’t make too many of each design. So even if people are coming into my shop and buying something pre-made, it is very much unique.” Nancy does not reproduce items once she has created them, she relates. “I don’t remake any designs, not even after a lot of time passes. If they buy it, and they have it for years to come, they will not see it repeated again. My pieces are each highly individual,” she explains.

While Nancy is essentially a jewelry artist, shaping custom silver, gold, and platinum jewelry designs, silver is definitely her “thing” as a designer. From silver skull rings to silver cross necklaces, jeweled pendants, silver-studded leather bracelets, and ornate, delicately patterned silver rings and bracelets with a single, large, lush gem stone, those who think that all that glitters is not gold will be thrilled by the wide range of silvery selections.

Among the highlights she displays are a motion-filled silver dragon pendant with aquamarine stones, silver belt buckles with ornate bulls, thick cuff bracelets with ornate, delicate silver patterns, and bracelets and rings that have simpler, hammered designs. From a sinuous silver woman’s bracelet with vibrant inlaid opal to a masculine thick chainmail design, there’s something for just about everyone at Paris Funk.

Personalized service is one of the keys to Nancy’s business, whether custom-ordered pieces or pre-made selections, and Nancy says she specializes in finding unique pieces for customers that add meaning as well as style to her clients’ jewelry wardrobe.

Paris Funk
7420 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 655-2626

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