Pegaso Gallery Design: Curated Vintage Cool

Pegaso Gallery Design: Curated Vintage Cool

Pegaso Gallery Design is a store that looks and feels like a gallery, filled with beautiful furniture, lighting, accessories, and art. Owner Jorge Gomez stocks the Melrose location with items that are carefully culled from around the world.

There’s always something new to find in the shop which updates their inventory every week and creates fresh window displays twice a month to pique shoppers’ interest in their eclectic collection.

Having moved from La Cienega Blvd. to Melrose Ave. five years ago, the store is busier than ever. Gomez’ Melrose showroom is filled with fascinating furnishings and art. Originally from Columbia, Gomez named the shop for a winning horse that impressed him there.

Manager Dawnielle Huffman notes that, “All of our pieces are vintage, they are all one-of-a -kind in the shop, and they are all designer pieces. We have a collection from the 1920s to the 1980s and we choose to find pieces that are different, not something basic. We like to curate what we purchase for the showroom.”

While there are always vast arrays of fascinating items in the store, Huffman says at least this week, among their most unique items are chairs. “We have one completely made of wine corks. We also have a pair of griffins that are sitting in our window, and we have a paper maché chimpanzee that you could put under a console. With that kind of placement, it looks as if the chimpanzee is holding the console up.” That piece hails from the 1970s, and was created by artist Serigio Bustamante. She adds that “We always have very different pieces, things that no other store would have.”

According to Huffman, the shop’s location on Melrose Ave. is “great for the store. We have lots of foot traffic, plus we have so many other showrooms nearby, we are all within walking distance of each other. That’s wonderful because people who are shopping for design elements can move from store to store easily.”

Entering Pegaso is a design experience for customers. The store creates displays that are staged in such a way that customers can visualize the pieces as they would be in their homes. “All the pieces are also ready to go, the chandeliers are re-wired, we refinish everything ourselves. You can take an item home on the spot if you wanted to.”

Along with the items that Gomez collects and sells, Pegaso also offers repair and restoration of items for customers. And, the shop’s artisan staff creates custom original pieces as well.

“We do design our own pieces,” Huffman explains, “we work with Lucite. While for the most part we stock vintage pieces, our workshop is available to make small-scale custom orders, and we do repairs and refurbishments all in house.”

Whether searching for a beautiful accent or lighting piece, or looking to furnish an entire room in the most eclectic and original vintage style, Pegaso is the place to enter the “winner’s circle” of home décor.

6812 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038


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