Positive Eye Ons: Get Your Melrose Vision On

Positive Eye Ons: Get Your Melrose Vision On

Who would think getting an eye exam could be fun? Ryan Stybel, doctor of optometry and owner of Positive Eye Ons Optometry on Melrose Ave., that’s who.

Stybel not only offers an optical boutique specializing in the highest level of eye care and eyewear, he’s located on one of the coolest streets in Los Angeles.

“We focus on our patients having the best possible experience of going to an eye doctor and buying glasses,” he relates. “We have a fun, funky, laid-back environment that is open and comforting to our patients. Plus, we’re right here on Melrose, where you can get a meal at one of many amazing places to eat, have a coffee, get your nails done, do Pilates, go shopping, and, also get eye care.”

Stybel says Positive Eye Ons has been on the avenue for over 30 years; he took over the business in 2009. “I’ve invested in all the new technology that enhances the eye exam experience and gives better, more accurate diagnoses,” he says. For example, he offers new technology rather than relying on old-fashioned procedures like dilating eyes or doing the puff-of-air test. “The exam is so much easier and painless. It’s really amazing what we have now,” he attests. “I also specialize in the treatment of dry eyes without using drops, and we can prevent your prescription from getting worse over the years with specialty contact lenses.”

Stybel explains that he treats dry eyes with a Lipoflow machine that “activates the glands within your eyelids to not only help you produce more of your own tears, but to also prevent any degradation or worsening of your dry eye.”

When it comes to eyewear, Stybel is equally adept, offering a wide variety of frames. “Vinylized is one of our most unique. They’re a great hand-made recycled vinyl made from record albums in Budapest, Hungary. They do limited-runs with different patterns on the inside of the frames.” He adds that, “You can actually do a personalized frame made from a particular album if you’re a musician, or if you’re passionate about one album, they can print that out.”

Overall, Stybel asserts that, “We try to focus on smaller, more individually-owned frame companies. We look for frames that are not mass-produced, but are more hand-made, or made in small factories. The best glasses right now are coming from France, Germany, and Japan.”

The most popular frames are round shapes for both men and women. “They’re unisex, and they come in bold colors like red and purple or blonde tortoiseshell, rather than the traditional black or brown.”

Along with the cool frames and easy-on-the-patient exams, Stybel stresses that getting an eye exam is crucial to “detecting and diagnosing diseases of the eye, as well as detecting diseases that can affect the entire body like cancer, MS, or diabetes. It’s all about preventative care,” he explains. “We can prevent our patients from having long-term effects by seeing them before it’s too late to reverse any damage that’s been done.”

Stybel also recommends healthy eye-care choices for his patients. “If you wear contacts, we recommend disposable; if you don’t wear disposable lenses then we talk about hygiene.”

Overall, he notes that, “With lenses for glasses there is so much that goes into making sure your prescription is as accurate as possible. We take multiple measurements, and use the highest grade digital technology to get the best possibilities for our patients. We recommend having your glasses done by an optician or optometrist versus doing this online.”

On Melrose Ave., getting your eyes examined at Positive Eye Ons is not only easy on the eyes –and patients–it can lead to a whole day of fun, from lunch to drinks to dinner and shopping. The eyes have it!

Positive Eye Ons
7629 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 651-5646

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