Shop Local In The Melrose Arts District For The Holidays

Shop Local In The Melrose Arts District For The Holidays

Did you know, for every dollar spent at a small business, approximately 67¢ stays in the local community? Even if you shop at a franchise, they are typically locally-owned, so shopping in your neighborhood assists your community.

This holiday season, please consider supporting the unique, eclectic stores and businesses that make up the Melrose Arts District. A good percentage of our businesses are operating, offering either limited in-store shopping (retail), take-out & delivery (restaurants), by appointment visits (services), online sales, etc. Other ways you can support your favorite local businesses include the following:

  • Buy a gift card: You can give local restaurants more money now by purchasing gift cards you can use later when the restaurants re-open for indoor or outdoor dining.
  • Holiday shop: Rather than purchase from Amazon, buy your gifts from Melrose stores and give them a boost.
  • Tip well: Many servers, baristas, and delivery people have been out of work at some point this year. If you can afford it, leave a big tip and make someone’s day.
  • Schedule and pay for future services: While most salons are closed, some will allow you to pay for services in advance. You could pay for haircuts for the next year and have the salon withdraw from your account as you go.
  • Leave a positive review online: Many people are looking for safe places to eat and shop right now. Leave a positive review of your favorite restaurants and local shops to tell your community how they’re keeping customers safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Below is a list of the stores, by category, that are currently open for business in the Melrose Arts District. Please check before visiting as hours may have changed or they may only be open by appointment.


(click shop name for more info)
2nd STREET Melrose (7560 Melrose)

American Rebel (7474 Melrose)
American Superior Vintage (7377 Melrose)
American Vintage (7575 Melrose)
Atira Lyons (7262 Melrose)
Attitude (7408 Melrose)
Bait (7708 Melrose)
Banned LA (7660 Melrose)
B.B. Simon (7605 Melrose)
Blackjack Clothing (7410 Melrose)
Bliss (7420 Melrose)
Brooklyn Projectz (7427 Melrose)
Chantell (7309 Melrose)
Cookies N’ Kicks (7452 Melrose)
Cool Kicks (7565 Melrose)
Cosmo And Donato (7600 Melrose)
Cosmo’s Glam Squad (7367 Melrose)
Crossroads Trading (7409 Melrose)
Denim Heaven (7600 Melrose)
Eden Sky (7564 Melrose)
Essex Clothing (7425 Melrose)
Ethik Worldwide (7600 Melrose)
Flamingo Vintage Pound (7450 Melrose)
Flashback (7661 Melrose)
Flasher (7609 Melrose)

Flirt (7419 Melrose)
Foot Locker (7726 Melrose)
For the Stars Fashion House (7558 Melrose)
Fox That (7527 Melrose)
Fumaz Clothing (7310 Melrose)
Goorin Bros Hat Shop (7627 Melrose)
Hollywood Hatters (6905 Melrose) (7576 Melrose)
Ikon LA (7308 Melrose)
It’s The Final Lap – ITFL (7801 Melrose)

Joyrich (7700 Melrose)
l.a. Eyeworks (7407 Melrose)
La Riga (7350 Melrose)
Le Joli (7370 Melrose Ave)
Manhead Merchandise (7817 Melrose)
Maya (7360 Melrose)
Moist Men (7526 Melrose)
Nathalia Gaviria: Black (7563 Melrose)
Nathalia Gold (7403 Melrose)
One Way Fashion (7172 Melrose)
Plug Walk (7366 Melrose)
Pop Up LA (7819 Melrose)
Posers (7417 Melrose)
Rcnstrct Studio (7400 Melrose)
Rebel Rebel Hollywood (7619 Melrose)
Rock Etiquette (7550 Melrose)
Round Two (7320 Melrose)
Shoe Palace (7725 Melrose)
Sorella (7829 Melrose)
Superare (7306 Melrose )
Sportie LA (7753 Melrose)
Typhoon (7601 Melrose)
Urban Outfitters (7650 Melrose)
Wasteland (7428 Melrose)
Wild Style (7703 Melrose)
Xplosion (7555 1/2 Melrose)
Yonada (7653 Melrose)
Zero’s (7801 Melrose)


(click shop name for more info)
1988 Gallery (7308 Melrose)

Bend (7007 Melrose)
Hostler Burrows (6819 Melrose)
Lawson-Fenning (6824 Melrose)
Object (6910 Melrose)
Pegaso (6812 Melrose)
The Window (6825 Melrose)

Restaurants/Coffee Shops

(click shop name for more info)
Agency Coffee Shop (7662 Melrose)

All About The Bread (7111 Melrose)
Anarkali (7013 Melrose)
Antonio’s (7470 Melrose)
Black Bird Pizza Shop (7459 Melrose)
Blu Jam Café (7371 Melrose)
California Chicken Café (6805 Melrose)
Chipotle (7101 Melrose)
Coffee Attic (7353 Melrose)
Coffee For Sasquatch (7020 Melrose)
E.A.K. Ramen (7455 Melrose)
Frankie’s Italian Restaurant (7228 Melrose)
Fratelli Café (7200 Melrose)
Ghost Pizza (7751 1/2 Melrose)
Happy Ice (7324 Melrose)
Holy Roly Ice Cream (7266 Melrose)
Hot Wings Café (7011 Melrose)
Kaiser’s Juicery (7473 Melrose)
La Chouquette (7350 Melrose)
La Crème Café (7376 Melrose Ave)
Lala’s (7229 Melrose)
Ln2 Restaurant (7212 Melrose)
Love Baked Wings (7350 Melrose)
Lucifer’s Pizza (7123 Melrose Ave)
M Café (7119 Melrose)
Melrose Bite (7801 Melrose)
Melrose Umbrella Co. (7465 Melrose)
Milk Bar (7150 Melrose)
MJ’s Grill (7265 Melrose)
Naturewell (7261 Melrose)
NoMoo (7507 Melrose)
Osteria Mozza (6602 Melrose)
Oui Melrose (6909 Melrose)
The Parlor (7250 Melrose)
Provami Pizzaria (7407 Melrose)
Rocketship Coffee (7475 Melrose)
Ruam Mitr (7168 Melrose)
Sal’s Restaurant (7356 Melrose)
Spartina (7505 Melrose)
Starbucks (7624 Melrose)
Subway (7353 Melrose)
Sugar Taco (7257 Melrose)
Sunday Morning Coffee (7201 Melrose)
Ta-eem Grill (7422 Melrose)
Tatsu Ramen (7111 Melrose Ave)
Toasted and Roasted (7311 Melrose)
Ubatuba Açaí (7751 Melrose)
Umbrella TaCo (7461 Melrose)
Winchell’s Donut house (7158 Melrose)


(click shop name for more info)
Game Over (7406 Melrose)

Golden Apple Comics (7018 Melrose)
Headline Records (7706 Melrose)
House of Intuition (7449 Melrose)
Mega City One (7301 Melrose)
Melrose Sports Cards (7578 Melrose)
Spitfire Girl (7401 Melrose)
The Record Collector (7809 Melrose)
Zephyr Theatre (7456 Melrose)


(click shop name for more info)
7-Eleven (7353 Melrose)

Domaine LA (6801 Melrose)
Media Wine & Spirits (7435 Melrose Ave)
Standing’s Butchery (7016 Melrose)


(click shop name for more info)
Agora Temple (7561 Melrose Ave)

The Antidote (7378 Melrose)
Garden of Sound (7600 Melrose)
Jiffy Lube (700 N La Brea Ave)
KoreaTown Collective -7382 Melrose
LA iPhone Repair (7218 Melrose)
LA Mail Center (644 N Fuller Ave)
Lux Eyewear (7520 Melrose)
Melrose Beauty Center (7617 Melrose)
MelroseMac (6614 Melrose)
Melrose Smoke Shop (7801 Melrose)
Melrose Tanning Company (7226 Melrose)
My Hair Palace (7418 Melrose)
New Sun Auto Services & Repair (6935 Melrose)
Orange Bone (7574 Melrose)
Phoenix Effect (7264 Melrose)
Player’s Lounge Barbershop (7364 Melrose)
Positive Eye-Ons Optometry (7629 Melrose)
Smoker’s Culture (7511 Melrose)
Spokes n’ Stuff Bike Shop (7777 Melrose)
Stitch Me (709 N Sierra Bonita Ave)
Tiger Boxing Gym (708 N Gardner St)
Vivant Aesthetics (7472 Melrose)

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