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The Melrose Arts District street art scene is a vibrant reflection of the creative culture in Los Angeles. You’ll find stunning murals and incredible pieces of graffiti art on many buildings and walls along this iconic stretch of the city. From myriad images of culturally diverse people to urban-inspired themes, there is an interesting and unique mural for everyone. Not only is the art itself eye-catching, but the area also provides an opportunity for people to explore the creativity of local artists.

The artwork varies from fairly new pieces to several that have existed for years, each one contributing to the street’s artistic charm. Many of the murals have a feeling of nostalgia, featuring unique characters and stories. You may even find some murals include a celebrity homage or two. The street art on Melrose Avenue is constantly changing and evolving as new artists come and go, leaving their mark on the city.

The Melrose Arts district is definitely an area street art aficionados should not miss. From the street’s views of Hollywood, the bustling shoppers and restaurant goers, and the colorful walls that bring an unmistakable energy to the area — a stroll on Melrose will put you right in the heart of the Los Angeles creative culture. It’s a must-see if you’re looking for things to do in the City of Angels.

1Sportie LA Yard Murals – Corie Mattie, Artlord, Dirt Cobain, Various Artists

2Melrose Art Walls – Various Artists

3Pink Panther Mural – PDM

4Typhoon Murals – Balstroehm, HiJack

5Street Art Wall – Pastey White, The 169, WRDSMTH, Mr. Romano, Local Artists

6Kobe Bryan/Nipsey Hussle Nurals – Alec Monopoly

7Snakepit Alehouse Mural – HiJack

8Spartina Mural – Corie Mattie

9Rocket Ship Coffee Murals – WRDSMTH, Ali Gonzalez

10Alleyway Mural – CBS Crew, Dirt Cobain, Jules Muck, Adam Dare

11Alleyway Mural – CBS Crew, WCA and MTA Crews

12Flowers Mural – David Flores

13Melrose Elementary Mural – Annie Preece

14Dragon Mural – David Flores

15Liquor Store Eyes Mural – Art of Chase, ZLALA

16Alleyway Murals – Various Artists

17Alleyway Murals – CBS Crew, Various Artists

18Alleyway Mural – CBS Crew

19Wings/Happy Faces Murals – PunkMeTender, Jimmy Paintz