The Girl Cave: Ever So Much Cooler Than a Man Cave

The Girl Cave: Ever So Much Cooler Than a Man Cave

The Girl Cave is a beauty bar and boutique that’s built upon a message of empowerment. Owner Lia Dias calls her venue a one-stop-shop for everything that girls love. The former model and real estate entrepreneur is all about promoting what she terms a more realistic standard of beauty for all women – as well as creating a fun environment for both fashion and styling.

“We are a full-service beauty bar. We offer hair styling, eye lash artists, a brow artist. We’re also a boutique. The concept of the store is that you can get dressed up for a night on the town in a super fun environment, get your hair styled and buy clothes, do everything all in the same place.”

Dias says the concept of The Girl Cave stands out as a fusion of a boutique shopping experience and a beauty bar. “When girls are getting ready for a special occasion or just for an evening out, it can be frustrating to have to go to so many separate places. Often you have to go to one place for make-up, another place for brows, another for hair, and another to find the clothes you want. Instead, here you can do it all in just one place,” Dias relates.

And The Girl Cave offers more than just an inclusive experience. The shop always has something different for their guests every week – no worries about seeing the same dress twice. “We bring in new arrivals every week. There is always something new and different.”

The location is also very user friendly – the shop makes sure that someone is on staff ready to provide beauty services when their customers need them. “If someone wants a specialized service such as eye lash treatments, unless it’s a Friday or Saturday when everyone is in the shop working, we prefer people to make an appointment,” Dias explains. “But we go with the flow of the Melrose scene, and we are always open until at least 7 p.m.”

The Girl Cave is glad they’ve set up shop on Melrose. “It’s such a great experience for us being here. Everyone who works here loves it. We get to meet so many people: tourists, locals from all different walks of life. Very often we just like opening our doors and connecting with our customers. Being on Melrose definitely impacts our business in a great way.”

Staff at The Girl Cave works to help everyone look their best. “In regard to our clothing, people shop on their own, but my partner in the store is a stylist, and when she’s here she can help people put outfits together,” Dias adds. “She’s also available separately from the shop as a personal stylist, so that’s an added bonus.”

Currently, the store’s most popular service falls into the hair styling category. “Right now, for the summer, we have so many people coming in and getting braids. We are promoting specials for braiding,” she attests. “It’s trendy, attractive, and easy – and we offer braiding at a great rate.”

The Girl Cave
7513 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 592 3233

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