The Ultimate Melrose Avenue Gift Guide For The Animal Lover On Your List

The Ultimate Melrose Avenue Gift Guide For The Animal Lover On Your List

No doubt at least one person on your holiday gift-giving list is an animal lover. They may have some pets, support animal rights, be a vegetarian, or have an entire album on their phone dedicated to baby goat pictures. If it’s got fur, fins, or feathers, this person will choose it over a human any day. 

The awesome shops on Melrose Avenue have made finding the perfect present really easy. Here are some of the most unique and memorable gifts for animal lovers, all found on Melrose.

Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards

Animal spirit guides are helpers in animal form who can provide guidance about any aspect of your life. With this deck of 44 oracle cards, these guides will help you find clear and concise messages about whatever situation or question you pose.

7449 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046

Shadow Animal Wood Notebook

Who didn’t love making shadow animals as kids?! The favorites – dog, swan, bird, and bunny – are depicted on these wood cover notebooks. The perfect size (5”x7”) for purse or pocket, you’ll be sure to get a thank you note for this cool gift.

7401 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046

Cats in Hats Plush Keychains

OMG, plush kitties wearing animal hats! And a STRAWBERRY! These adorable 5” keychains by Amuse are imported from Japan and are instant mood-lifters. IT’S A KITTY DRESSED AS A STRAWBERRY!

7320 ½ Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046

Tokidoki Cactus Pets Blind Box

The cactus is a sign of protection, so Peanut and her friends zip themselves into cactus suits when they need to face the world. With this unique blind box gift, you’ll get one of the ten characters which include a kitty, puppy, goldfish, and turtle. 

7553 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046

Animal Man Comic Book

Animal Man, a comic written by Grant Morrison, was one of the first to champion vegetarianism and animal rights, as well as other themes of social consciousness. This lot of 5 books, in near mint condition, includes beautiful cover art by Brian Bolland.

7018 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90038

Animal Bones X-Ray Set

Your more open-minded animal lover might totally dig this one-of-a-kind gift. This set of 14 x-rays of different animals includes a look at the insides of a coiled snake, turtle carrying eggs, juvenile hawk, baby kangaroo, and a chameleon.

7220 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046

Everything Puppy

It’s a canine wonderland, from the practical (high-quality natural foods and treats to cool leashes and collars) to the fanciful (sweaters, toys, and adorable seasonal costumes). If you can’t make up your mind, grab a gift certificate for a puppy spa treatment!

7574 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046

Horse Candles

If there’s a horse-obsessed person on your list, you won’t find a more unexpected gift than these horse candles. The galloping ponies have a southwestern feel, while the red horse head would be a pretty fierce piece of décor.

7617 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles 90046

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